U.S. Patent Drawing for the EARRING-Aid

  1. 16. Earlobe
  2. 20. Pierce Through Earlobe
  3. 22. EARRING-Aid in Place
  4. 26. Earring Post
  5. 28. Earring Back
  6. 30. Heavy Pierced Type Earring

Thank you for looking at my product. I invented the Earring-Aid after my own earlobe was torn from wearing heavy earrings!..... and after years of using it myself, I am still amazed that I can PAINLESSLY wear any kind of earring I wish!

Now you too can be bolder in your choice of earrings... It is so much fun to be more creative with even everyday outfits - to compliment whatever you are wearing with either "artsie" or "elegant" types of heavier earrings.

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I would love to hear any comments or questions you may have about the Earring-Aid. Just click on the Contact Us link above to make an inquiry.

I want you to feel assured that my product, the Earring-Aid, is different and more effective than anything else advertised in the marketplace. Indeed, now you can become more versatile and comfortable with your earring-wearing...and remember, life is worth celebrating any way we can!

Joey Stevens, EarringAid inventor
With best wishes,
Joey Stevens