1. Look in a mirror. Always apply EARRING-Aid to a clean, dry earlobe. Change daily for total effectiveness and comfort.
  2. Remove strip from backing paper and hold lightly with fingertips.
  3. Wrap strip around your earlobe, making sure it is centered over your pierce on both sides. Apply even pressure with fingertips to ensure full adhesion.
  4. Note that original pierce is visible through strip. Carefuly push earring post through at this location to get a tight fit. Put on earring back as usual. (The "eraser-head" type backs work well with any pierced earring.)


  1. Take off earring back as usual.
  2. While holding bottom of earlobe, gently pull earring out with fingers of your other hand.
  3. Slowly peel used strip off of ear. Remove any adhesive residue with soap and water or aloe-vera solution.

Watch the video below to see how you can benefit from owning and using the Earring Aid product and just how easy it is to put the Earring-Aid product on!